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The NC based Nathan Oliver are back with a more organic style album on the fourth release by the pop songwriter with the more recently acquired Joe Caparo and Brad Porter being a big part of the different style applied to Thank You For Your Generosity. The usual standard in which Oliver can be proud of is still there but it is gutsier and rougher around the edges, over the otherwise smooth textures they’re known for and still retain on this new album with a strong sense of grief about it but also a strong sense of gratitude for the perfect combinations of emotions.


The desire to have fun playing, singing, performing and recording is obviously important to Nathan Oliver, because it is written all over this album, even though he wrote it after his brother passed away but there’s only a few lesser fueled songs to reflect that. The rest are uplifting in every way, so it comes complete with humor and good and even some harder rocking moments, beginning with “Sea Of Generosity” leading the way with a throwback instrumental. In fact, it threw me off at first because I was expecting to hear Nathan Oliver but instead this thrilling timepiece gave me the chills.


The rest of Thank You For Your Generosity has second to none vocals with at times thought provoking, contemplative and vastly humorous without a doubt, and I say that with sincerity because it moved me. “Isle Of Youth” is a flawless wonder of a song with Oliver doing some of his best work on the album with a track inspired by Lord Of The Flies and man is it great. Words cannot do this song justice beyond the words and music within, and it is only the first track with vocals on it, if any indication.

The eye opening “Everybody’s Swimming” is up next, and the sense of humor has yet to flow but the tempo is upbeat, and the guitars, drums and vocals are all rocking together, especially in the magnificent chorus. This song is about coming up for air and taking a good look around at what there is to see now and forget about the baggage of the past. It gets even better on “Air Control” because the humor comes out full stop with a romp about UFO report calls to Oliver’s grandfather’s air conditioning business.

This marvelous track is a stand out on Thank You For Your Generosity, along with numerous others to sink your ears into, and it’s engineered by Missy Thangs. “Even If You Go” is also a marvelous track, one of the coolest and probably my pick for the sleeper of the album. I like it the most at the time of writing this, so it gets my vote. “Stand In Line” takes things back a few to a more rocking place before “Runaway” takes you over and shows you why you are listening to Nathan Oliver. These songs are over the top good, even the majestic closing track “A Tangent In Time” is motivating and inspiring with some of the album’s finest lyrics.

Kim Muncie

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