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The Remedy (Feel Alright) is our first experience jumping into Xavier Toscano’s music in the last few years. I feel that the music coming from his camp is a bit more firm, a smidge more coherent, and as a result, is that much more ready for playlist placement. Xavier’s vocals are front and center here, hitting fans over the head with a message of “do whatever makes you happy”.

Made It Look Easy is our favorite effort of Toscano’s trio of new tracks. The track has a complex, knotty back drop of synths and bass that will stand up to repeat plays. Xavier’s lyrics here are delivered with an intensity that further hammers home the must-listen spirit of the song.

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) vs Vogue is a high-energy dance track that has Xavier match intensity with synth works and a booming drum beat. The track works well in re-casting the electronic style of the late 1990s and early 2000s for the modern era.

We’ve covered Toscano a few times over the years, including articles about his Runaway, Never Wanna Leave, and his Feels So Good CD.

Xavier Toscano “The Remedy (Feel Alright)” / Domain /

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