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San Antonio’s Studd Da Kidd cannot be fit into a tidy little box. She’s set her sights on broader horizons with her creation of DRH Consulting and projects such as their Exposure Explosion Festival. The concept is an event in multiple cities and states where creative imaginations are afforded the chance to demonstrate their talents for diverse and appreciative audiences. It is an outgrowth of her inclusive personal vision. Community building through the arts that likewise enriches the lives of content creators is laudable and there’s never any sense of self-interest driving her ambition.

Coordinating such an event and managing its logistics demands structure. Studd Da Kidd’s founding of DRH Consulting addresses that need. Its strengths, providing artistic and lifestyle support to budding creators, are tailored for meeting those requirements and, moreover, points towards the future. Kidd has established the foundation for her company to meet the myriad moments and opportunities life presents creative individuals without ever overreaching or making promises her consulting firm cannot deliver.

It comes from a sincere place. Studd Da Kidd has built a name for herself in a few short years because she’s out there on entertainment’s front lines, hearing what people love, learning what they need. It is further testimony to her character that she is attuned to their struggle. Passion projects such as the Exposure Explosion Festival are, invariably, personal expressions of their creator and this is no exception. Studd Da Kidd wants to bring people together so they can celebrate this strange and wonderous life we all share rather than sinking deeper into division and discord.


She maintains a strong social media presence. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will keep artists and others interested in regular updates on the Festival and other projects. This engaged presence will, without a doubt, expand with time. Studd Da Kidd isn’t someone looking to maintain some sort of artificial distance between her company and every day music and art devotees. It is an extension of the larger community building DRH Consulting is aiming for.

Many will find it refreshing that this isn’t some poorly disguised profit-driven enterprise. The aforementioned sincerity embodied in this company and project will foster immense goodwill with sponsors, media outlets, and, of course, the public at large. Keeping an eye on the progress of the Festival and DRH Consulting will never be a dull experience; there’s everything to suggest this is a fast-moving company, yet another necessary ingredient in the modern entertainment and arts landscape. The days of business as usual, for lack of a better term, are over.

Let’s rally around this. The battle lines in our modern world grow longer by the year, new calamities land on our doorsteps, and our comforts are scanter than ever. Giving shelter and nourishment to a company looking to improve lives and give people a platform to be heard is, in its own way, every bit as vital as feeding them bread. DRH Consulting and the Exposure Explosion Festival will be important players in the world of entertainment for the foreseeable future.  

Kim Muncie

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