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Some people wait a lifetime for that special person. That instant connection seems like an impossible dream. For others, it’s an instant and feels as though it was there all along. Time doesn’t seem to pass and the world seems to stop in the song “Sweetest of Melody”. Sung by Rina Chanel, with duet parts courtesy of Senghor Robinson, “Sweetest of Melody” is a lush, smooth jazz piece with a dabble of soul and R&B rhythms. Chanel is the queen of conveying love is worth fighting for and that surrounding her world is an exquisite sound of murmured horns, dainty piano keys and a restless percussion beat. 

Chanel makes it all sound so real and so in-the-moment. Rather than drown the listener with over-the-top extended solos, she has a playful, but stoic back-and-forth with Robinson. It’s her voice, though, that steers the ship. The backing music is sensational – a rousing mix of jazzy subdued horns and sax, fused with a pesky percussion. The beat to this song is very Chicago-blues scene to me. I felt transported to a time of vintage clubs and this grand scene. Remember the days – or maybe you’ve seen them in movies – when audiences got dressed up for the night club. Women were dressed to the nines, and the gents had their sharpest suits pressed. It’s a feeling of that old Hollywood glamour. I heard that in Chanel’s vocal tones. While other blues and jazz singers forge through the music scene with grit and life’s baggage in tow, Chanel comes across as a sleek, boundless beauty. 

Chanel has dalliances into the blues world but honestly, her voice is at the same level as Anita Baker, Whitney Houston or Aretha Franklin. She has the ability to cascade between pop and R&B (and the sincerity of gospel). I’m so moved by the way that she conveys such a simple declaration of love and acceptance. The synergy between her and Robinson is galvanizing. On my first listen, I thought to myself, well, maybe it didn’t have to be a duet? Then on a few more listens, it really affirmed to me that yes, this song is better with the two voices. Though I must say, Chanel is the star. I’m certainly meaning no offense to Robinson – he’s wonderful. Because of this song I think they will forever have a unique bond. They should feel very proud of the work they’ve accomplished. 

“Sweetest of Melody” is hard to walk away from. Combining the love and passion for music in its truest form – a nod to the vintage blues and jazz sound and the 90s or early 2000s pop R&B sounds, Chanel, who hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia, is on track to being an artist worthy of carrying the torch into the coming year for female artists. She sings so much with such precise emotion and conviction. I’m in complete awe of her artistry. A universal sound and global stardom awaits this songstress and exceptional singer. High praise indeed for Rina Chanel. 

Kim Muncie

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  1. A beautiful descriptive review of one of the most versatile, beautiful and talented vocalists in the independent game, Rina Chanel! Her earlier works also support my statement and new listeners should definitely add her to their favorite artists and music. Thanks!

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