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The probability that the consumer will go to the other end of the city for goods if there is a store nearby with the same offers is minimal. The same goes for e-commerce. Your website may take a very long time to load due to a large amount of static content or the remoteness of the hosting server. If the competitor’s site is very fast, it makes no sense for the consumer to sit in front of a blank screen. CDN global brings the company as close as possible to each client, so that distance couldn’t influence his choice.

Why Streaming Services Choose CDN

The boom in streaming services in recent years has reaffirmed the importance of visual information to consumers. With their help, it became possible to broadcast all kinds of events:

  • scientific conferences and concerts
  • sports competitions and online games
  • live casino and political protests

However, such content is difficult to transmit not only over long distances, but even over medium ones. To make content delivery smooth, G-Core Labs has built a massive CDN infrastructure of caching servers around the world.

How Does CDN Shorten Distance for Content Delivery?

  • With a standard website information storage scheme, the consumer’s request travels the distance to the hosting server. Website data has to overcome the same distance that can become insurmountable for heavy content.
  • When hosting with CDN, the user’s request goes to the nearest caching server. It stores website data replicated from the main server, which is instantly transmitted to the consumer. The waiting time for your company’s web page to load when using the G-Core Labs CDN infrastructure is only 30 ms.

At this speed, all competitors will be left far behind. The heaviness or lightness of the produced information content will no longer be an obstacle for you. Video streaming, which is so loved by all Internet users, will easily become part of your business or marketing campaign.

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