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When and where did you discover your passion for writing songs and raps? What made you want to pursue music professionally?

Upon moving back to the East Coast from Venice Beach CA, I really took my raps to the next level upon hearing high energy electro beats made by Colormind. When I became part of the music production process, it revealed a deeper writing opportunity where I could act upon instant feelings and inspiration as we created the sound. The fun factor and seeing how my music makes others feel- that’s what makes me want to do it all of the time.

What motivates you to keep with music as a way of artistic self-expression? How do you go about your creative process for these types of musical projects?

Each time I or one of my producer friends hits a new sound, a new melody, I see colors, stories… music is such a powerful art medium. Lyrics and even just instrumental sounds can be so inspiring and so intimate. I enjoy creating alone, and also with one or two close friends. The more intimate, the more trust In the room, the clearer the connection is with the void, the easier the creation comes through. I have been working with said friends for so long we know how to ride the waves together. When to be clear minded, when to crack beers, when to go on a walk, bike ride, deep talks, play basketball…

How does “Super Dude” compare to your previous releases, and what makes “Super Dude” unique and different from them?

“Super Dude” is a chill, feel good track. I’d say most of my music is high energy. “Super Dude” has clean, organic vocals, most of my tracks have many vocal layers and effects happening. “Super Dude” is honest with a clear message, where some other tracks are made just for fun. 

What inspired “Super Dude,” and what are listeners supposed to take away from the song after listening?

Life Style, the style in which we live. A day in the life of a health-conscious artist. Nothing crazy, healthy living can and should just be a regular thing. I aim to inspire everyone to be a Super Dude or Dudette- the best version of themselves- and this starts with the simple things- human connection, food, the great outdoors, sleep. 

What was your experience shooting the music video? How do the clips come together to best represent the lyrics?

The shoot was so organic. We knocked it out in a weekend with a two-person camera crew. Vinci Visuals is a solid team, and I enjoy keeping the shooting crew light so we can get more exclusive opportunities to capture real life scenes. I brought the crew to the places I frequent- the local farmer’s market, vegan cafe, Meditation retreat center, and my house. Can’t represent the lyrics any better than that!

What can Dude Reppin Knowhere fans expect next? Is “Super Dude” part of a larger project that they should lookout for?

Fans should expect new releases from now til infinity. Super Dude is part of an EP entitled ‘SPACE ACTIVATED’ set to drop late 2022.

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