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Sonarpilot’s “Gorgon” is their latest chapter of The Mirage Project. From the onset, there is a decided sense of brooding, a sort of industrial cityscape in which some force is immediately watching the listeners. There’s considerable technological trappings here, providing a sense of intensity through the single’s early moments. The momentum gradually ramps up the further one delves into the composition, increasing is volume until one feels nearly swallowed up by the mass. At some point, these elements dial back and more wide-ranging synths sweep over the protagonist. This has the effect of refreshing Gorgon, giving fans the boost that they need to reach the endpoint with as much attention and drive as they entered into Sonarpilot’s story. We’re on the edge of our seat.

We’ve previously covered Sonarpilot’s Citadel, Codex/ImperiumFossil/City In The Sky, and the act’s “Mothership“.

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