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We originally experienced Cigar City’s Maduro Brown Ale about 10 years ago as one of the first beers we received from outside of our distribution up in NE Ohio. Luckily enough, the distribution footprint for Cigar City increased over the last few years to include Texas, and we were able to check out CC’s beers once more.

Cigar City’s Maduro pours with a dark, rich mahogany coloration. This dark brown pour of Maduro provides some hint of the flavor profile that is to come. The initial sip will provide imbibers with hints of coffee and chocolate with an overall smooth mouth feel; the small amount of carbonation that is present here provides additional complexity to the Maduro. Nutty and caramel hints break through at certain points during the experience, while the flavor of the Maduro Brown quickly dissipates. The 5.5% ABV of the Brown Ale provides just a little bit of bite to make this beer a flavor experience.

When compared to the English brown ale style, I feel that the Maduro is much more smooth and silky than the more bitter and prune-heavy English style. The oatmeal allows this beer to be substantially different than other efforts on the market while possessing a familiarity which will ensure that individuals can keep coming back to the beer.

I would even contend that fans of red ales, porters, and even stouts will be able to appreciate what Cigar City has done with their Maduro Brown Ale. The Cigar City Brewing website contains information about the Maduro along with the rest of the CCB line; check it out today.

We checked out Marshal Zhukov’s Penultimate Push about a year-back and were astonished at its richness of flavor. Keep an eye out for additional coverage of Cigar City’s brews.

Rating: 8.6/10

Maduro Brown Ale / Cigar City Brewing / 5.5% ABV /

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