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We’ve been lucky enough to cover a number of grinders over the years, but for our money, Cloudious9’s Auto9 is the best bang for the buck. The diameter of the main grinding wheel makes it easy to break down copious amounts of whatever dry material you need to dispatch.

The battery life of the Auto9 is sufficiently long that we’ve been able to break down material for months without having to place the device back on the charger. The device can be topped up using whatever USB-C cord you’ve got lying around. This seems like a small boon, but we receive so many different products that for whatever readons use previous generations of the USB plug. The cleanup of the Auto9 is easy as well, as the automatic motor of the device does a great job in ensuring that very little gets stuck. The size of the Auto9 is admittedly bigger than many grinders that individuals will be familiar with, but the device’s flat base makes it easy to stash away whenever one is done using it. The company has also included loading accessories that makes it a breeze to transport material from the grinder over to whatever receptacle.

For additional information about the full run of Cloudious9’s products, check out their main domain. We’ve previously coverted the brand’s Tectonic 9 grinder way back in 2020. Please let us know if you have any experience with Cloudious9’s Auto9 or anything else that they’ve brought to market. A must-have device for the price point.

Rating: 10/10

Auto9 Automatic Grinder / Cloudious9 / Domain / Facebook / Price: $59.99 /

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