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Blackstate’s The Arsonist immediately tattoos its melodies deep into the minds and hearts of listeners; one can here a bit of Plastikman and Benny Bennassi in the song’s opening minute. The ability of the act to tell a story without having to dip into vocals too often showcases the act’s ability. The Arsonist is one of those songs that you’ll have to strap on your earphones and really focus on, as there are countless interactions and overall dynamics that are raised over the course of the song’s four-plus minute run time. The one constant that is weaved throughout the song is a driving, intense momentum that remains even throughout the vox-heavy bridge. Utterly brilliant in its execution, Blackstate’s The Arsonist is one of the best singles that we have heard so far in 2024.

Blackstate “The Arsonist” / 2021 Self Produced / Domain / Youtube /

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