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Sébastien Lacombe ”Gold in Your Soul”

Canadian singer/songwriters are having a good spring, and out of Montreal, this statement applies particularly to one Sébastien Lacombe, a veteran player whose new single and music video “Gold in Your Soul” is capturing the attention of critics around the continent at the moment. Lacombe’s conservative approach the guitar melodies blended with his deeply enigmatic poetry give “Gold in Your Soul” a very easygoing, classic pop feel with a uniquely…

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8 Benefits of Using Merino Wool Hunting Clothes

Getting ready for hunting season is a big undertaking. You need to clean your gun using gun cleaning rod, get some ammo, and ensure that you have the right clothing for going out on a regular basis. Merino Wool hunting clothing is getting more popular all of the time. Why? Here’s a quick look at some of the top reasons. 1. The wool doesn’t smell: The wool is thick, but…

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Bloom’s Taxonomy releases EP

The London underground has always produced some of the most provocative artists known around the world, and this spring, it’s offering us another soul-searcher with a talent for making impeccably eclectic music in Bloom’s Taxonomy. Bloom’s Taxonomy is a solo project dedicated to exploring the depths of the modern ambient beat, and in his new record Bitter Lake, he takes a uniquely British approach to his mission. There are more than…

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How to Write a Winning Scholarship for College

You have spent countless hours finding the ideal scholarship for you. You have searched the World Wide Web. You have spoken to your counselors and have contacted private scholarship organizations. You have a list of awards that show your talents and skills. Now, it is time for you to win the money. To win a scholarship for redheads, you must fill out various applications and write a scholarship essay. Like…

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Axixic Interview

Hello, Axixic. Your latest album is Dancing On The Moon. What significance does the title hold for you? It’s a metaphor that I carried around for years to describe two contradictory ideas: living in the moment -or- doing one thing when you really should be doing something else. When I came to Mexico to write and record the album it seemed to describe what I was doing so I decided…

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Urban Terror (PC Game)

The world of free online first person shooters is a bleak place, full of oddly cartoonish games with slow paces, goofy weapons, and an overall feeling of awkwardness. As poorly as many of these games stack against their non-free competition, you have to give it to the developers for trying, and sometimes they make a gem. One of these few and far between beauties is called Urban Terror.

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I-Doser Review (PC)

Oh goodness me, what do we have here? Okay, this is actually sort of an older deal, but I recently discovered idoser, which is a website that makes some pretty brash claims all based on sound waves. In short, idoser is supposed to get you high using audio frequency. The science actually has some validity to it all, but without getting too much into complexities lets just say that it…

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Raptor Safari (Facebook)

If you have read any of my reviews of Facebook games you may have noticed that I typically do not like them. Personally the majority of them seem like nothing but graphic versions of pen and paper RPGs (such as Dungeons and Dragons) minus the imagination and social stigma and after playing so many of them my patience has been worn out. To call them video games is something of…

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Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy (Facebook)

Social network games tend to be something of a breed all their own. Truthfully, I can barely tolerate the vast majority of them. However, I am aware that my opinion is the minority when it comes to this subject, and I cannot deny that these pseudo video games have a big market. The newest of these games Space Empires: Battle for Galactic Supremacy, sticks to familiar formulas and really doesn’t…