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The 90s are back in full effect. Everywhere you turn, there is grunge fashion and retro stylings. Nirvana has been discovered by a whole new crowd; one that wasn’t even alive when the band was thriving. After checking out the Garbage show October 14th, 2015 at Stubbs in Austin, one can easily see that an entirely new crowd has fallen in love with the band. Fans of all ages seemed to enjoy the performance by these 90s alt darlings.

The set kicked off with familiarity, as Shirley Manson strutted around the stage to “Subhuman” followed by a great rendition of one of their early singles, “Queer.” It didn’t stop there though. A pleasant surprise came early on when they played “The Butterfly Collector” by The Jam. They belted out hits and B-sides to the sold out crowd, enjoying a fall night of Manson’s musings. “Only Happy When It Rains” and “Stupid Girl” were played during the ending of the set, inciting the crowd to sing along to every syllable of every word.

After the encore, they did another cover, the late Vic Chesnutt’s “Kick My Ass”. Then came what people had been waiting for, the hit single, “I Think I’m Paranoid” which was played with precision. They ended the encore with 1998’s dancey anthem, “When I Grow Up.” Garbage wax nostalgic for kids of the 90s, but in all reality, many of the songs are timeless.

They sing of things we can all relate to; the darkest side of reality. Fear, hope, yearning, paranoia, heartbreak, and much more. They haven’t released a full length album since 2012, but I know they still have it in them. Shirley Manson never misses a step. Her recent duet with Screaming Females, doing the Patti Smith/Bruce Springsteen song “Because the Night” gave me chills. Many bands fall off the radar, but it looks like after all of the ash settles, Garbage is here to stay.

Garbage – 10/14/15 – Stubb’s, Austin, TX / /

-David Saint Timbercrest
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