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Renee Cologne’s – Coverlings

Renee Cologne’s – Coverlings, is an album you’ll be talking about for a while if you get wind of the majesty to be heard on this release full of precious gems that she put her stamp on with effortless magic. Her voice isn’t exactly unknown but as an indie artist she’s making her own footprints, and she has written or performed for stage, dance and film, including M&M’s and other…

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Project Grand Slam’s Greetings from Serbia

Project Grand Slam’s Greetings from Serbia URL: Fans of pure jazz fusion as it was always meant to be consumed rejoice; 2019 officially commences with the release of the Robert Miller-led Project Grand Slam’s Greetings from Serbia, the group’s first live album and virgin offering to a brand new year. We begin with the rolling grooves of “You Started Something,” which as its title implies inspires something beyond infectious inside of…

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Hemhora and the Glass Band drop Helix Pattern Blues EP

Hemhora and the Glass Band deliver an exhibition in surrealist rock for the ages in their new record Helix Pattern Blues, which is available everywhere that indie music is sold and streamed this coming December 7 through Greyday Records. Endlessly eccentric and riddled with enigmatic prose that is buried beneath a smorgasbord of colorful and unforgiving textures, Helix Pattern Blues borrows only slightly from contemporary pop construction and willfully dabbles in the sort…

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Hughie Mac shines new life and charm

Philadelphia’s Hughie Mac shines new life and charm into the classic “Let’s Get Away from it All” from the album Hughie Mac Sings Some Great Songs Pt. 3. It is a great song, and Mac is a great singer. Drawing experience from his live shows in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Mac is a crooner with plenty of charisma and smooth delivery in this Frank Sinatra staple.  

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The American Revival releases new Single

The absence of the one that got away is hard for even the most gifted of poets to describe, but country rockers The American Revival come pretty close in their all new single “Whiskey Kisses.” The second glimpse into their forthcoming debut album, “Whiskey Kisses” digs deep with its lyrics, illustrating the feeling of yearning through a series of mammoth melodies that intertwine and create an evocative, unforgettable tour de…

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Dawg Gone Davis releases In the Dawg Pound

Dawg Gone Davis’ 2018 emergence as one of the funnier hip hop influenced performers working today is quite a story. The technology professional made her first splash on the scene with the improbably titled “Middle Aged Woman – Hip Hop Style”, a comical and musically rewarding single facing the idea of a middle aged woman from Kansas City tackling a style you’d never expect. The song is included on her…

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Madelyn Victoria’s “Right Here With You”

The sun peers through the trees and onto a spectacular patch of uncorrupted farmland as we enter the music video for Madelyn Victoria’s “Right Here With You.” Horses, cattle, turkeys and an inviting house dot the landscape in the lingering moments of daylight, but as Victoria starts to sing and darkness overtakes the sky we’re transported to a dimly lit saloon adorned with the single starred flag of Texas. Friends…

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Corinne Cook release “Yes I Can” LP

Yes I Can, the third studio album from Californian Corinne Cook, solidifies her position as one of the best song interpreters working in the independent modern country/pop scene today and establishes her as a promising songwriting talent as well. Cook’s willingness to continue growing as both a performer and artist sets her apart from countless peers and contemporaries who prefer perfecting a winning commercial formula durable enough to be revisited…

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Naurea – New Zombie Generation

Abel Oliva Menendez has recorded and released music under the moniker Naurea and “stage name” Olimann since the early 2000’s and, nearly two decades on, sounds as witless and unconvincing as ever. His latest collection New Zombie Generation deserves the title Variations on a Theme as Menendez dazes listeners with twelve by the numbers cuts that often can pass as alternate takes on other songs. His understanding of what makes for collar-grabbing, hard-hitting metal/industrial…