Watchmen: Original Motion Picture Score (CD)

Watchmen is one of the biggest films to be released to this point in 2009. Director Zack Snyder has been praised for sticking closely to the original graphic novel, and I would have to say that composer Tyler Bates has kept pretty close to the original mode and feelings created by the title. The 21 compositions on this soundtrack taker on a variety of different sounds and approaches, putting forth two-thirds of an hour of music that will be indelibly marked as coming from the Watchmen.

While there is an accompanying soundtrack that interested individuals could conceivably purchase, I feel that the skill of Bates and the work put into this score makes this CD something that could crossover from the sub-field of soundtracks and really speak to the average music fan. Bates, especially during compositions like “Don’t Get Too Misty Eyed” and the penultimate “Requiem”, makes eir stock increase dramatically. Where the compositions that ey commissioned for previous films like The Devil’s Rejects and See No Evil were solid in their own right, the works here (along with eir other Snyder-linked score in 300) show a composer that is really ready for the big time.

Make sure to pick up the score and the soundtrack for anyone that you may know that is into Watchmen, and see where exactly Bates goes in the next few years. The fact that this musical score is one of the best that I’ve ever had a chance to pick up gives me more than enough evidence that this will be the case. When you are the one who watches The Watchmen, stick the score in soon after and see how well what Bates does fits with the flow and tone of the film. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Top Tracks: Prison Fight, What About Janie Slater?

Rating: 9.0/10

Watchmen: Original Motion Picture Score / 2009 Reprise / 21 Tracks / /

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