Solvey S/T CD Review

Jessica Zambri -known in musical circles by her band name, Solvey- is a woman with “otherworldly” sensibilities. The first track, “Solvey” from her latest record of the same name starts off in a “dreamy” yet accessible sound that hints at the more haunting, meditative songs which follow. Zambri’s unique, almost subconscious-sounding-voice falls somewhere between a more enigmatic version of Sara Mclachlan and Miki Berenyi, the singer of a great nineties band called Lush.


While this record begins in a hypnotic, yet radio-friendly way, we are taken through the twists and turns of mysterious, less common corridors as the record progresses. The listener is immersed in strange worlds that can be accessed only by fever dreams. The vapor trail that seemingly entices us through songs like the “From Here” linger for awhile in surreal bliss before encountering things slightly askew that temporarily hold up the “airy” journey. “The Weight” is just such a song, with its brooding bass line that is a momentary lapse into slight conflict before the record changes to a brighter, more hopeful mood in the form of “I know I know” and particularly “Late Night.”

To call this record “ethereal” would be to put a generic label on it that brings to mind predictable forms of head music as say, “New Age” (it is by no means related to that). While that style of music can be pleasant enough, there is something about this record that moves past the common and deeper into the senses with regard to mood. Adjectives such as oceanic, swelling, brooding and majestic fit the record quite well.

“Solvey” is a mesmerizing trip through the mind. It takes the listener through night visions while still awake. In an Internet-based world where most everything has been done, Solvey has not come up something that is completely new. That’s now utterly impossible. What she has done is take influences, intended or not, and made them into something that has elements that belong distinctly to her. We are the better for it.

Top Tracks: From Here, Late Night

Rating: 9.25/10

Solvey S/T CD Review / 2015 Killer Wail Records / 9 Tracks /


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