Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers – Bass, Drums, Guitars & Organs

When She’s Walking By Your Side is the introductory effort on Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers’ new album, Bass, Drums, Guitars & Organs. The track is a powerful piece of pop rock that builds off fo the framework of surf rock and 1950s / 1960s acts. The intricate bass line and alluring vocals make the track speak to listeners of all ages, while holding up nicely to repeat plays.

I’ve Been On My Knees has a bit of the dirty, blues-rock of early Rolling Stones with hints of Britpop and alt-country. Migliorelli’s work here is so dense and detailed that listeners will continue to find new twists and turns even five or six spins in. It All Falls Down On Me keeps things interesting through the point-counterpoint of the guitars and cvocals. The on-point drums are essential for ensuring that the track resounds loudly with listeners long after the song ceases to play.

Baby Put A Dress On brings a hint of psychedelic rock into the mix; it is during this track that listeners will most clearly hear the taut arrangements and multiple layers that comprise a track on Bass, Drums, Guitars & Organs. Rockin’ In The Moonlight is the penultimate track on this disc, and it’s a wonderful inclusion at the end of the disc as it showcases a wholly new sound for Migliorelli et al. There is a nod to the timeless crooning styles in the middle years of the twentieth century; the call and response between the male and female vocals are a high-water mark for the album. Former Femmes Fatales And Romeos is a slower, more contemplative track; this gradual slowing up is a perfect way to conclude a strong album.

Top Tracks: It All Falls Down On Me, When She’s Walking By Your Side

Rating: 8.7/10

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