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Halfway Disappeared’s Stories is a fun, shiny piece of alt rock that looks back to the days of 1970s rock for primary influence. There is a bit of the grunge snottiness of Nirvana or the Meat Puppets that can be discerned here. A solid instrumentation provides highlighting for the vocals while ensuring that a story is told through the interlpay between the different instruments (guitar, bass, drums). The bass needs additional discussion – in a great deal of Stories, this contribution acts as a heartbeat, a vitality for the composition. When the bassist is able to vary things up and add his own flair, the resulting boost to the momentum of this single is something special.

The drop out of the instrumentation about halfway through this single showcases the talent of the band and further amps up fans for the second half of the track. A second instrumental section that leads out the composition further showcases the raw passion and ability of the band. We’d be excited to see more from this band more in the future. Make sure to listen to the Klangtreue Mix of Stories on Youtube, which we have embedded below. What do you think?

The band’s Facebook is another good place to find additional information about the act and further tracks to come out down the pipeline. Halfway Disappeared – Free Music is always a good thing, so give their website a spin.

Halfway Disappeared – Stories / https://www.facebook.com/halfwaydisappeared

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