Quirky Sights in the United Kingdom: A List

The United Kingdom is not only home to some of the world’s most ancient and historically-valuable sites, but it’s also home to some pretty quirky places. Some of these are the creation of mankind, while others are the result of unusual geological formations. If you are going on holiday.

The Barbican

You don’t have to travel as far as Germany to enjoy some of Europe’s most infamous Brutalist architecture. The Barbican is a striking feat of modern building design, which is home to some of London’s most exciting artistic movements. You’ll find art exhibitions, talks, and cinematic experiences at this vibrant arts hub.

While you’re in London, be sure to make the most of the rest of its cultural sites and eating Establishments. You can either spend your nights out at a fancy restaurant or spend the night in ordering in some Chinese noodle boxes, complete with dessert, which can be ordered from places like nedsnoodlebar.com. London is one of the best places to enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The Eden Project

If you thought the Eden Project was just a botanical garden, then think again: this 21st-century creation is a unique complex that houses some of the most diverse and exotic wildlife. What makes this such a quirky place to visit are the infamous bio-domes that are home to some carefully-controlled climates. These are made with hexagonal cells that create a striking and unique structure. As well as the Rainforest Biome you will also find their unusual Invisible Worlds Exhibition.

Edinburgh’s Second City

Did you know that the original streets of Edinburgh actually lie beneath the city itself? If you happen to believe in ghosts, these streets are allegedly incredibly haunted. The Edinburgh Vaults lie beneath Edinburgh’s Old town and make for a creepy but fascinating day out. You will be surprised by the scale of these underground streets, which are partially mocked-up to give you a sense of what 16th century Edinburgh looked like. Residents still lived in these unsanitary underground streets well after they were deemed unfit to use, creating a multitude of ghost stories.

The Giant’s Causeway

Whether you believe that the Basalt columns are the home of the legendary Irish giant of Fionn mac Cumhaill or just a mere geological formation is up to you. This visually staggering part of Country Antrim is home to myths and legends, which claim the result of the volcanic fissure eruption are the cause of a fight between giants. Today it is the home of a National Trust site, and is well worth the journey. Not only is it home to some beautiful Irish wildlife, but it also makes for a soothing seaside walk.

The United Kingdom is full of unusual sites, partly as a result of its history and partly as a result of Mother Nature. Even the Isles of Scilly have unusual characteristics thanks to their geographical position. Whether you rent a car or catch the train, be sure to catch some quirky sites while you’re visiting the UK. 

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