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Angelspit – Krankhaus / 2007 Dancing Ferret / 16 Tracks / / /  

Hell, even if I don’t like this album, I can look at the art of the disc, which has a ton of interesting looking industrial kids and a very attractive Asian person in a bathtub (where’s the blood in said tub, though?). Regardless, “Krankhaus” starts off with a Lords of Acid song. At least, “100%” is a track that is VERY influenced by Lords of Acid, down to the funky industrial sounds played by Angelspit and the dominating, distinctive vocals of the female lead singer.  The same hyper-sexual approach to the vocals is present here, as well; in this field, Angelspit also calls forth the (very) underrated Lolita Storm.

The more intricate instrumental arrangement to “Wreak Havoc” gives a completely different sound to Angelspit; the addition of a male vocal to the mix brings the band a new sound that is not immediately tied to any other act. There is a more punk type of sound to this track, where a little grunge is added to the previously sequenced, computer (and by extension, sterile) sound “100%”. Angelspit takes the best possible direction with “Krankhaus” with “Wreak Havoc”; instead of forcing the same style down listeners’ throats, they go in the diametrically opposite way and do not paint themselves into a corner. The band goes back to what started out the album in their “Vena Cava”, but do add one thing in the slight echo that the vocals have (where a second set of vocals copy off of the first a few seconds afterward. The band has their first single hit with “Create Desire”.

The vocal-sounding synthesizers present during this track gives the song a more intense feel, where other tracks seemed to distinguish between the instrumentation and the vocals. The unity of these two threads work well for Angelspit, and should mark a direction that the band should travel with future tracks. While Angelspit has trouble at times creating their own sound on “Krankhaus”, they do provide an interesting sound that will get people up at any industrial club that plays this album. If I want something that will just attack my ears, albeit with a little bit of dance influence, I will pick up Angelspit. Angelspit could do well to distinguish themselves from the rest of the bands in the genre, but they never need to worry about increasing their ability. Give this disc a go if you need everything industrial.

Top Tracks: Juicy, Elixir

Rating: 5.9/10


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