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Due to Derrick Ramirez’s (ex-Dragonlord/ex-Testament) hectic schedule, Terry Butler (Six Feet Under/ex-Death/ex-Massacre) will join the ranks of OBLITERHATE and has recently laid down all the bass tracks at Redneck Studios (owned by John and Donald Tardy of Obituary) for upcoming debut, Blessing In Disgust.

Comments Terry Butler: “It’s a great honor to be part of something with musicians of this caliber. I would like to thank Calvin for offering me the chance to play bass for OBLITERHATE. He has written some amazing tunes for this release! Describing the music I would have to say that it’s very heavy and riffy. There’s a good mix of thrash and death metal. The lead work is amazing, the drums are crushing and what else can I say – Dan Swanö on vocals! I had a lot of fun recording the bass for OBLITERHATE. The bass tracks were recorded at John and Donald Tardy’s Studio – Redneck Studios. If anyone is looking to record, I highly recommend using Redneck Studios!”

States OBLITERHATE guitarist Calvin Chiang: “Having such an amazing musician like Terry Butler be involved in OBLITERHATE was exactly what I needed for this band. Not only does Terry have the solid groove nailed down to perfection, his work attitude towards this entire project was more than spectacular! Both of us spent several weeks discussing the song structures and Terry treated the band like it was his own. He wanted to make sure he got every single note figured out before stepping into the studio. A true masterclass musician in every sense of the word! I would have no second thoughts to collaborate with Terry again if the opportunity arises in the future. John Tardy was responsible for tracking Terry’s bass tracks at their very own Redneck Studios, and I would like to thank John for the total professionalism shown throughout the entire recording and also for the patience in sending over the edited bass tracks. The bass tracks that were laid down sound huge and monstrous! I’m definitely very anxious to start working on the album again after a long delay.”

Calvin Chiang (Raspatul) – Guitars
Dan Swanö (Nightingale/ex-Edge Of Sanity/ex-Bloodbath) – Vocals
Terry Butler (Six Feet Under/ex-Death/ex-Massacre) – Bass
Erik Sayenga (ex-Dying Fetus) – Drums
Mirai Kawashima (Sigh/Necrophagia) – Keyboards

James Murphy (Disincarnate/ex-Death/ex-Testament) – Guest guitar solo
Jeff Becerra (Possessed) – Lyrics
Rogga Johansson (Paganizer/Demiurg) – Lyrics and vocal arrangements

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