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2010 is the Bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence and the Centennial of the start of its Revolution. So Sones de Mexico Ensmble thought it was the perfect time to release their new album, Fiesta Mexicana: Mexican Songs & Stories for Niños and Niñas and their Papás & Mamás. It’s their response to the lack of quality educational programs available to children of Mexican ancestry.

The bilingual, double-album features old Mexican folk songs, stories of Mexican folklore with outrageous characters and special guest appearances by Dan Zanes and Ella Jenkins.

Sones actually began performing this educational program in Chicago schools in 1994. Taking audiences of all ages on a musical tour of Mexico, the program (and CD) incorporates a divers range of acoustic folk music and folklore from several regions of the country, even including lesser-known Aztec, Mayan, Zoque and P’urhépecha traditions.

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