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There is no denying how popular Elmo is o the audiences that watch eir. However, I feel that the increasing focus of Sesame Street on this character has made the show into a substantively different beast that it was when I was watching. That is neither good nor bad; I feel that the presence of Elmo allows for the younger set to understand and properly receive different messages and morals, rather than not understanding a lick of what is going on.

Big Elmo Fun surrounds the growth of Elmo, to the point that ey is larger than Sesame Street. There are a few additions to this DVD that further ratchet up the value; two episodes increase the run time substantially. The animated book (Flutter By, Butterfly) will keep readers’ (and younger) attention, while the growth chart will allow children to be proud of their increasing size. For those parents that wish to ratchet up their parenting game, the parental tips section has a number of solid suggestions. Measure Yeah Measure is a song that will be sung a number of times throughout the next few months, and is catchy enough to appease even those that may be weary of children-based tracks.

This DVD can be purchased at any online store or brick and mortar with any semblance of a childrens’ section. I feel that this DVD would be a great purchase for any child as a birthday gift or as a present for doing chores. Keep an eye out for the rest of the Sesame Street DVD releases that are slated for this year. Here’s to hoping they are all as strong as Big Elmo Fun is.

Included episodes: Elmozilla, Elmo and the Monarch Butterfly, and Cast Iron Cooks.

Rating: 8.5/10

Big Elmo Fun (DVD) / 2012 Sesame Street / 78 Minutes /

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