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This 1993 footage (recorded in Belgium at the Peer Blues Festival) looks absolutely stunning. The amount of work that Eagle Rock has done to this source is astounding, with a crispness present that rivals even Blu-Ray releases. Fans of the Jeff Healey Band will hear all of the act’s hits, whether it be taken from Feel This, See The Light and Hell to Play. Purchasers will be happy to hear that this DVD contains an additional audio recording of the show; an effort like Healey’s version of the John Hiatt track Angel Eyes resounds through whatever set-up one may be rocking. The show is ratcheted into higher gear with Baby’s Looking Hot; this track soars due to a tremendous mastering of the board and the additional effort placed into the track by the band. Healey and eir band move into cover territory again with their version of The Doors’ Roadhouse Blues. While the original was not a favorite of mine, the Jeff Healey Band’s version illuminates different arrangements and sides to this forgotten track.

Make it a point to pick up this DVD, to show that there are enough fans of esoteric acts like the Jeff Healey Band. With large enough numbers, Eagle Vision will be more likely to dig through their vault for truly special types of concerts. This DVD release should be available at any well-stocked music store or can be found at any one of a number of different online retailers. Healey passed on a few years back, but Eagle Vision has captured eir in all eir glory.

Rating: 8.5/10

Jeff Healey Band: Live in Belgium (DVD) / 2012 Eagle Rock Entertainment / 82 Minutes /

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