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The Dandy Warhols have been around since 1994. Despite closing in on their twentieth year as a band, I feel that the band has been able to continually innovate. The 11 tracks on This Machine allow the band to continue with the sound that has been such a hallmark, but adds considerably to the overall paintbrush that the band can use. Sad vacation opens up the title, providing listeners with the inimitable alt-rock that they have learned to know and love. Enjoy Yourself spins listeners around as the band takes on a much more chipper demeanor. Alternative Power to the People is the track that contains some serious earworm potential. I see this song becoming the summer anthem as the windows start to roll down. 16 Tons gives listeners a much more dense track to pick apart; listeners that are able to understand the track both in terms of the overall title and as its own separate entity will be able to find considerably more than what would normally be heard.

Don’t Shoot She Cried showcases that the Dandy Warhols have more than enough fuel in their gas tanks. This momentum-generating track keeps things moving nicely, until listeners are provided with the ultimate track, Slide.

Give a spin to This Machine when you can, and see whether the act will be touching down around your neck of the woods. Where it seems that bands begin to be creatively fallow at this point of their careers (perhaps they rest on their laurels), I feel that This Machine is the best Dandy Warhols disc that we have had the ability to cover.  Check it out today.

Top Tracks: Alternative Power to the People, SETI vs The Wow! Signal

Rating: 8.2/10

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