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We have not had much chance to review board games at NeuFutur, but received a copy of the newest addition to the Forgotten Realms line. Lords of Waterdeep is a board game, requiring 2 to 5 (ideally requiring the upper bounds of that range) players.

The intricacies of the Lords of Waterdeep title are precisely the reason why this game will get considerably more play than other games in its genre. There are so many boxes, markers, and other trinkets to involve oneself with, while the different array of cards (role, intrigue, and quest) ensures that the game is never the same experience twice. The different classes of players will do much to make each iteration of Lords of Waterdeep memorable. There is no one right way to play this game, and the different interactions that can take place will keep players on their toes. I believe that the game does well in conveying the set of rules to players without assuming too steep of a learning curve. Despite having a physical limitation to the paths that each Lord can take, I feel that the rich storyline and sheer expansive of possible actions breathes considerably more life into this title than others in the same genre.

While the initial first few plays of Lords of Waterdeep will be on the slower side, a group of experienced players will be able to get from beginning to end in about an hour. Make sure to pick up a copy of Lords of Waterdeep at your local hobby store; online retailers’ prices are very competitive and may in some cases actually be cheaper.  Keep an eye out for the latest information and titles from Wizards on the Coast; they’re entering Q2 strong.

Rating: 8.3/10


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