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Avant-garde black metal duo FORMLOFF released their latest work of audio grimness in the form of Spyhorelandet last month via Eisenwald. The follow up to 2006’s Adjø Silo finds the eclectic Norwegian duo — Bernt Karsten Sannerud and Marius Sjøli – exploring the darker, more atmospheric realms of their past. An underground masterpiece of sorts, the record has earned critical acclaim from fans and media alike earning a 9/10 rating from Metal Hammer Norway,  a 12/15 from Legacy Magazine Germany and 9/10 from Stereoinvaders. This Is Not A Scene noted: “Every track within is dripping with atmosphere and pain, acting as a reflection to our darkest moments in life,” Heavy Metal Tribune dubbed it “a charming masterpiece,” and Lords Of Metal commended the band saying: “FORMLOFF succeeds in gluing [a] broad range of styles and emotions together rather naturally – even usage of a saxophone doesn’t seem out of place – which isn’t easy to accomplish.” Sea of Tranquility agreed: “Progressive, avant-garde, experimental, call it what you will, as a total immersion experience, Spyhorelandet is no exception. Remarkable, this is recommended listening.”

Where most black metal revels in stories of fictional deities, benign and malignant, Spyhorelandet wallows in everyday themes. Much like the cover art, the music contained within bears the stark truth: When you peel back the skin, no matter how beautiful, what is left is the ugly personal histories each of us carries. Throughout Spyhorelandet, naked inhabitants of our world are quoted directly. For many, defeat is their best and sometimes only asset.

If you’ve yet to witness the dark majesty that is Spyhorelandet, the record is currently streaming it its entirety at THIS LOCATION.

In addition, Eisenwald has also made a limited edition shirt which can be bought separately or in a bundle with the album at their online shop.

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