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Girls perfectly blends comedy and drama in an always intense and compelling show. The first season of the show comprised 6 episodes, fictional retellings of Lena Dunham’s life in New York City. The cast clicks with Dunham perfectly, showcasing the ennui, brief victories, and overall unwieldiness of the second decade of life.  I feel that the show’s presence on HBO allows Girls to be less restrained than it would be on network TV. The added freedom afforded to it makes it a much stronger show. Take an episode like All Adventurous Women Do, which showcases the prevalence of HPV in the lives of the post-college dating population. Shoshanna’s storyline about being a virgin represents a glue that holds together these initial episodes, and eir backstory feels fleshed out in a way that would happen on few other shows.

The video quality of this DVD set is perfect, mirroring the quality of the initial transmission. The DVD set is rounded out with a crisp audio track, ensuring that every line of dialogue and response can be discerned.

Girls is one of the hottest shows that HBO has released in the last few years, and this DVD set represents a vital purchase for anyone that would like to get into the show. This DVD set captures the first season of the show, providing viewers with a cheap (online retailers have this release for less than $23) way to catchy up before the second season ends on March 17th. Keep up to date with the show as it completes the second and begins its third season; HBO’s latest hit will continue to turn heads and gain viewers.

Rating: 8.9/10

Girls: The Complete First Season (Combo Set) / 2013 HBO Home Video / 390 Minutes /

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