Posted on: May 14, 2013 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

Charlotte, NC metalcore 5-piece, Bruised But Not Broken have signed with Standy Records and will release their debut EP digitally on 5/21. Although the members are just out of high school, they are hitting the scene with a unique blend of hard-hitting metalcore with a techno twist that is captivating crowds every show they play.


Check out the band’s signing video here:


Front man Hudson Hower says, “Simply saying that we are ‘excited’ would be an understatement. We’re beyond blessed to be teaming up with the guys at Standby. These are some of the hardest working guys you’ll ever see in the industry, and we are hoping to match and honor that work ethic. The “Just(defied)” EP release is coming in the next couple of weeks, and we are hoping to push it as a solidified foundation of our future to come with Standby Records. Come July, we’re going into the studio to record our first full-length album. The future of this industry is coming quickly, and Standby is about to imprint themselves as forerunners in the upcoming music field. As we said, we’re just getting started. This is only The Beginning.”

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