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Strike Fire Fall is an absolutely perfect emo-rock that hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The style of tracks like “Stay Awake” mixes acts like Amber Pacific with The Starting Line to create something that is emotionally deep but still holding of a musical intensity that can never be quenched. Each of the tracks on “Still Life” are just perfect for video games, music videos, or radio; another track that really is the king of kings when one is talking about “Still Life” is “Freud Said It Was Cool”.

Mixing a smoothed-out vocal style with a brand of guitar work that threatens to get harsh at the drop of a hat, Strike Fire Fall really move away from the style that incorporated emo vocals and punk choruses to something that is much more balanced. The splashing of the drums during the track do more than merely acting as a timekeeper; they pound the rhythms of the band deep into the mind and hearts of all who listen in. “U-Turn” toughens up the sound of Strike Fire Fall slightly, but the winning nature of the vocals make the band sound like another (former) Takeover Records band – Yellowcard.

Specifically tying their fortunes to a sound that is similar to Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue”, Strike Fire Fall mix in a heady atmosphere in the track and clapping to drive the track home. While the style of music that comes through on “Still Life” is not the cutting edge of music, the fact that Strike Fire Fall can come up with fourteen cuts and succeed with all of them is evidence that the band can breathe life into a style that gets more stale with each passing day. “Awkward Pose” starts off with a much harder sound than any of the previous tracks on the disc, but the bouncy sound that the band eventually settles into is reminiscent of MxPx; the drums again come into prominence during this track. It is during “Awkward Pose” that Strike Fire Fall really vary things. Aside from making the bass audible, the band incorporates horns into this track, a move that might be first of its kind in the genre. Strike Fire Fall deserved to win the “sign my band” contest and deserve much more from the music industry; here’s hoping they have a long and successful career. A disc of hits, “Still Life” should be in everyone’s disc player for months to come.

Top Tracks: U-Turn, Flying Blind

Rating: 6.5/10


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