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Bassnectar AKA Lorin Ashton, comes to us with the first single, “You & Me”, an arpeggiated ballad featuring vocals from W Darling which appears on his forthcoming album Noise Vs. Beauty, which drops June 24. Dubbed the most inventive electronic artist since Aphex Twin by NPR, Bassnectar has criss-crossed the world selling out huge venues and donating hundred of thousands of dollars with his Dollar Per Basshead Program, but took an extended break to complete the album. “I took an unprecedented 6 months off the road (the first time since I started touring in the late 90s) and dove deep into the creative process. I unplugged from social networking and didn’t listen to any music: I just created. For the first time I feel completely content with what I have created, and authentically detached from the preferences of others; I made the music I wanted to make and I love it,” says Bassnectar. “Each of the 15 songs represents a specific point along that spectrum with some songs that sound like pure freakout-noise, some that sound beautiful and touching, and some that are combinations,” he adds. ” I experimented with new approaches (like writing a song with no bass and no beats) and even did multiple-phase remixing where I would take an idea and strip it down to only basic piano and guitar and then work with various singer-songwriters or musicians to craft different variations. Some of these songs sounded like indie rock or like film scores. But then I would go back remix them again, sampling them and adding electronic enhancement and effects. The result is my most musical album to date, and definitely my favorite.”


Last week, he teased his collaboration with Baltimore MC Rye Rye, “Now”, which is a frenzy of electro synths, flowing rhymes, and 808s. Also joining Lorin on Noise Vs. Beauty is a diverse range of artists including Fashawn, Zion I, TURSI, Donnis, Jenna Sousa, Simon Morel, BEGINNERS and Lafa Taylor. The album is available now for iTunes preorder, and buyers will get “You & Me” and “Now” instantly when they order.



Pre-order on iTunes:




1. Bassnectar & Seth Drake – F.U.N.

2. Now ft. Rye Rye

3. Loco Ono

4. You & Me ft. W. Darling

5. Bassnectar & Jantsen – Lost in the Crowd ft. Fashawn & Zion I

6. Ephemeral

7. Hold On ft. TURSI

8. Noise ft. Donnis

9. The Future ft. Jenna Sousa

10. Open Up ft. Simon Morel

11. Bassnectar & Amp Live – Mystery Song ft. BEGINNERS

12. Don’t Hate The 808 ft. Lafa Taylor

13. Bassnectar & The Upbeats – Gnar

14. Flash Back

15. So Butterfly (2014 Version)







May 23 – May 25 Chillicothe, IL – Summer Camp Music Festival

May 24 – May 25 East Rutherford, NJ- Electric Daisy Carnival NY

May 28 – Aspen, CO – Belly Up

May 29 – Aspen, CO – Belly Up

May 30- Morrison, CO – Red Rocks

May 31- Morrison, CO – Red Rocks

Jun 7 – Ozark, AR – Wakarusa Music Festival

Jun 27 – Quincy, WA – Paradiso Festival

Jul 11 – Jul 13, 2014 – Saugerties, NY The Hudson Project

Jul 26 – Boom, BE – Tomorrowland

Jul 30 – Hamburg, DE – Uebel & Gefaehrlich

Aug 1- Cologne, DE – Bootshaus Cologne

Aug 8 – Aug 11, 2014 Salmo, BC – Shambhala

Aug 15 – Aug 17, 2014 Somerset, WI – Summer Set Festival

Aug 29 – Aug 31, 2014 Chicago, IL – North Coast Music Festival

Sep 26 – Sep 28, 2014 Chattahoochee Hills, GA – TomorrowWorld



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