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This is your opportunity to see this stellar British TV drama, originally aired here on BBC America, before it gets bastardized and watered-down with predictable clichés for U.S. audience with an American remake. This original focuses on a British coastal town where an 11-year-old boy is found murdered on the beach.

Two detectives – one a local mother who knows the missing boy’s family well and her new partner, a humorless city detective recently relocated to Broadchurch – work to solve the crime in this truly fascinating thriller. From the casting to the plotting, this series is simply fantastic. While plans to recreate this series in the U.S. are underway, it may not actually turn out to be as bad as the remake of The Killing.  David Tennant, who plays one of the two detectives in the original, has signed on to revise his role; a good sign.

Broadchurch: Season 1/3 DVDs/Entertainment One/2014

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