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Directed by René Pérez Joglar and Kacho Lopez Mari, the video is brought to life by Mexican actor Gael García Bernal and Spanish actress María Valverde. The concept of the video was created by René Pérez Joglar and revolves around the idea of a kiss so powerful it defies time and the laws of gravity.

With many metaphors embedded within the song, Joglar, Calle 13s lead singer, explains he wanted a concept that complimented the story behind the lyrics.
I concentrated on a kiss; something that not only intensifies our physical and emotional sensations, but also alters our perception of reality. I wrote the script, including camera angles, and I sent it to Kacho. Although I was in Spain and he was in Argentina, we collaborated throughout the production process. He would send me the footage and I would make comments and suggestions to keep the video in line with my original concept.
Mari, who also edited the film, describes the creative process with Joglar. “This work embodies our shared artistic vision that allowed us to bring our ideas to life. The video for ‘Ojos Color Sol’ is the result of a collaborative relationship that has matured over a year of hard work.” Kacho has also worked on projects such as “Multiviral”, “Adentro” and “El Aguante”.
While Joglar has always been involved in the creation of his music videos, this marks the first time he has officially assumed the role of director.
I’ve always been very hands on with my work.  I’m constantly in contact with the director and reviewing the details, from casting to post-production, but this is the first time I’ve actually directed a music video,” says Joglar. “I’ve worked with many great directors and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Although Kacho is humble in the best sense of the word, he truly understands the craft and never hesitated to share his input. The entire process has truly been a learning experience.
Joglar and Mari agree that Gael and María are two unique, talented actors. “The chemistry between the two is clearly visible, which gives the video a natural and effortless feel. Because they are incredible actors, it makes my job as a director not only easy, but enjoyable,” said Mari.
Gael García Bernal is known for his work as an actor both onstage and onscreen. Bernal made his acting debut in the Oscar-nominated film, Amores Perros, directed by Alejandro Gonzáles Inárritu. Since then, he has worked on films such as El Crimen Del Padre Amaro, The Motorcycle Diaries and Pedro Almodovar’s, La Mala Educación.
At the age of 16, Spanish actress María Valverde first appeared in the film The Weakness of the Bolshevik, a role that earned her a Goya for Best New Actress, the highest award given by the Film Academy of Spain. Since then, Valverde has worked under several internationally acclaimed filmmakers, including starring alongside Christian Bale in Ridley Scott’s latest project, Exodus.
Ojos Color Sol” is the result of a collaboration between producer Eduardo Cabra, also known as “Visitante”, and Cuban music legend Silvio Rodríguez. The track has proven to be one of the most popular songs off of Calle 13s latest album, MultiViral, and is the first music video to feature Silvio Rodríguez on its soundtrack.
Calle 13 recently wrapped up their tour through Spain with a concert at the Complutense University of Madrid. The U.S. leg of their MultiViral tour will kick off on September 6th with a performance at the Best Buy Theater in New York. Calle 13 will then travel to California, where they will perform at the House of Blues in San Diego on September 8th, followed by San Francisco on the 10th, and Los Angeles on the 11th, with additional shows to be announced.
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