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Kate Callahan place six cuts on her Two Doors EP that provide a great introduction to her music. The titular track on Two Doors showcases interesting narration and a pepy, catchy set of vocals. The instrumentation gradually takes a more focal role until it threatens to dwarf Kate’s vocals; the dramatic climax of this track places each side at a completely higher plateau.album_1553

Earthsong has a very close-knit sound that makes it seem as listeners are in the same room as Callahan. The drums’ slight muffled sound do the most to create this sound, but there is such a special quality to Callahan’s vocals during this track that fans will be able to envision her clearly. The track is another effort that could easily make it onto college or alternative radio stations, and provides a nice counterpoint to Swing Low. Swing Low is an update of the classic spiritual, allowing Callahan ample opportunity to properly adorn the effort. The wide-spread guitar lines and dusty vocals present here makes this into a must-hear track, linking together a classic effort with something bold and new.

Half Moon slows things up and further presses on the rich narration that marked the first efforts of the Two Doors EP. While the guitar intersperses itself alongside Callahan’s vocals, fans will be immediately focusing in on the tale that is weaved. The track raises and falls in a very natural way, gradually speeding up as Callahan talks about being free – hints of Tori Amos can be discerned here. The Two Doors EP is available at iTunes; keep an ear firmly to the ground for any follow-up recordings from Callahan.

Top Tracks: Two Doors, Swing Low

Rating: 8.4/10

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