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Joe Purdy may have only been around since 2001, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting out an astonishing 13 records in that time frame. His latest, Eagle Rock Fire, is more of the same from this Arkansas folk/country musician.jperf

Over the course of 10 tracks, Purdy rambles through with his soft, twangy vocals, over even softer guitar chords, standup bass and the occasional mandolin or pedal steel. The effect is a little uneven, sometimes great (“Waiting for Loretta Too Long” sounds like an old Kris Kristofferson tune) and sometimes pretty pedestrian (“L.A. Livin”). The albums is certain to please the longtime Purdy fans, but not many more.

But take heart, if you are among the unimpressed this time around, have no fear; given his track record, he likely be out with a record of new songs pretty soon.

Joe Purdy – Eagle Rock Fire/10 tracks/Mud Town Crier/2014

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