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One of the most fun things that my wife and I do is go to Detroit. We have taken a number of trips up to this vibrant city to experience Buddy’s Pizza, Ford Field, and Big Beaver Mall, but one of the things that we always tend to do is to hit up the vibrant casino scene. While the traditional games are a little bit outside of our price range, the slot machines are good values and can make for a fun three or four hour trip to a casino. We were lucky enough to learn about a new slot machine, Monopoly Plus, that looks to be absolutely fun.

One of the games that we are excited to experience the next time that we go up to Motor City or Greektown is the Monopoly Plus machine. The game utilizes some of the most recognizable Monopoly icons and places them into an interactive title that has a wide variety of noises and additional options. Players can level up by accumulating Monopoly money, which provides a number of extra buffs. Achieving level 4 (Luminary) means that for each bonus, two properties provide players with double cash awards. Getting a die (or set of dice) ensure that players receive extra rolls, further increasing the value of each spin.

The Level Up Plus option makes for bigger prizes, while the process of leveling upon the machine allows for other icons to be in play. The Super Tax Relief option invites players to take on a mini-slot that could ratchet up wins to the tune of 16,000 times. Monopoly Plus is a great new slot machine that will have players continually coming back for more; it is something that has a number of twists and turns that keeps things fresh through numerous visits and sessions. Make sure to visit the online version of the slot machine; players will have tons of fun checking out Monopoly Plus on their computers just as they will whenever they make it to their local casino.

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