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Stacy Burk makes a tremendous splash with his latest track, Mix a Little. This timeless country effort works perfectly alongside the works of Jason Aldean and Dierks Bentley while staying honest to the nineties traditions of Alan Jackson and Travis Tritt. Mix a Little succeeds because of the front-forward vocals of Burk and epic arrangements on the track – each guitar line, punchy drum beat, and the sounds created by their interactions just work. This is an absolute home run; a few spins will tattoo Burk’s melodies and lyrics deep into the minds and hearts of listeners.


Stacy Burk – “Mix a Little” / 2014 / /

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  1. I agree 100% with this review!!! I have had the pleasure of seeing Mr Burk perform – he has a phenomenal voice & such a strong passion for country music!!! Check out his music – I guarantee you will LOVE it!!!! Best wishes to you Stacy!!!!
    The next BIG Country Star!!! Oh yea, can’t forget his amazing sidekick – Rio!!!

  2. My exact thoughts as well. This review is perfectly stated! His voice is truly amazing with smooth and deep, sexy vocals. If you haven’t heard his stellar voice yet, please do so… You will love it! So happy for you….STACY BURK!!

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