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Friday the Guiguisuisui[鬼鬼祟祟] 2015 tour pt.1 starts at Temple – 坛, Beijing with Luvplastik. Down to the south of China, then over to Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand next, then Indonesia before finally returning to China to tour back up and finish the tour where it started, Temple Bar, Beijing! Hand painted 鬼 tees and copies of my latest zine, ‘Blood Makes The Grass Grow’, which recounts my huge tour at the start of 2014 and comes with a bunch of mini zines and rad downloads. So yeah, on the road again!

The GUIGUISUISUI Show combines blues,punk,rock,hip hop, noise, and 8-bit music in a one-man 21st century medicine show, consisting of zombie bluesman, GUIGUISUISUI, his master and tormenter King Necro, and his alter ego, the self absorded rap-rock demigod Lord Kamemameha.The show comes armed with more than a few unique twists, such as backing beats composed on a circuit bent Gameboy or else sampled from vintage video games,  The Diddly Board (King Necro’s one stringed skateboard guitar), and the audience inevitably being goaded into the trio’s sinister alliance.

To date there have been numerous releases under the GUIGUISUISUI name, including vinyl, tapes, CDs, and zines. The show has toured relentlessly since it’s beginnings in 2012 , with gigs in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the UK. With a work ethic second to none The GUIGUISUISUI show has criss-crossed DIY touring circuits over and over, playing makeshift venues in the smallest backwater towns to premier clubs in the biggest cities, racking up over 100 shows in 2014 alone.

Roll up, roll up, for the show is about to begin!




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