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Hop Hash pours with a gold / light amber coloration, decent effervescence, and a thick and tenacious head. The nose has a strong astringency that indicates a heavy hop  presence. With the initial sip, one will be blessed with the alluded-to hop flavor; this bite is moderated nicely through a duet of sweet and malt elements.


The ABV (7.8%) is hidden perfectly amongst these bold and strong players, making Hop Hash into an eminently drinkable (dare I say dangerous) effort. Hop Hash opens up to provide imbibers with a complex array of flavors that make this something that one can continue to drink over the course of a night. I feel the presence of the hop lupulin is essential to match the other facets of the beer; merely hopping it in a fashion similar to other double IPAs on the market would lead to a much more sedate and tame effort.

Hop Hash is a formidable beer and should be actively sought out by those looking for something intense. A fun twist to Hop Hash would be to include it alongside beef or lamb just to provide the perfect counterpoint for the beer. Something greasy will make the more bitter elements of the beer shine, while subsequent sips of Hop Hash will cleanse one’s palette perfectly. Make it a point to visit the SweetWater website for additional information about the brewery’s seasonal and year-round efforts.

Rating: 9.0/10

SweetWater Hop Hash / Double IPA / 7.8% ABV / 100 IBU /


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