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Prefunk, Worthy Brewing’s latest beer possesses a nose that is fairly hop-heavy with a slightly sweet upside. The beer pours with a cider brown coloration and a creamy head that is fairly tenacious as it laces itself down the glass. There is a lightness to this beer that belies the heavier hop presence (Prefunk is pegged at 50 IBU) that makes the beer go down incredibly easy. In fact, the 6.0% ABV of this effort is hidden perfectly behind the slight bit of hops that do exist, creating a perfect springtime beer that refreshes while having a small amount of kick at the end of each sip. The sweetness is similar to that of a hefeweizen, making Prefunk into a much more complex pale ale than many that are currently on store shelves; the presence of the hop and malt elements here is essential to ensure that the beer does not veer into too sweet of straits.


Prefunk is the perfect sort of purchase for those that want a pale ale that is neither too hoppy nor too grainy. The beer would do well paired with fish, chicken, lamb, cheeses, or nuts. Prefunk warms up wonderfully with grainy and malty flavors permeating the second half of the brew. This chameleon-like quality makes it easy to knock back a few cans before the night ends.

Worthy Brewing’s efforts are available in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and in various locations in Vermont and British Columbia. For additional information about the brewery’s year-round and seasonal efforts, visit . More up-to-date information about the brewery, new releases, and additional availability can be found on the Worthy Brewing Twitter or Facebook. Check out our Lights Out review for our thoughts about another Worthy effort.

Rating: 8.8/10

Prefunk American Pale Ale / Worthy Brewing / 50 IBU / 6.0% ABV / / / /

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