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Babe that Boasts is the first track on Velvet Lane’s latest album, Sitting on the Fence. The track ties together the psychedelic rock of the late sixties and early seventies with mid-nineties alternative (Happy Mondays, Oasis); what results is a track that is tremendously infectious.The ropy and funky bass line that begins Hey Mumma immediately brings this track into high gear. Velvet Lane is able to create a mid-seventies rock track in the vein of Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, and infused that overall sound with American rock of the mid-to-late sixties. At all points during Sitting on the Fence there seems to be a sense that the band will take listeners far afield. It is only the talent of each constituent member of Velvet Lane that the overall release becomes cohesive and coherent.


Brian Jones begins with a swirling amalgamation of guitar and drums. The “wall of sound” production utilized here is as much seventies as it is mid-2000s NYC. The eclectic nature of the band is further shown with the bluesy, funky Harlequin Lover. The cut establishes the band as fans of Wings and The Eagles as Velvet Lane continues to perfect their style. Each element, whether it be the vocals, drums, guitar, or bass wholly contributes to the overall sound of the composition. No element is left behind and as a result, this effort provides the perfect ending to Sitting on the Fence. There may only be 6 tracks on this release, but listeners should feel as if they are very familiar with the band by the conclusion of the EP.

For additional tracks from Velvet Lane and their latest recording, Sitting on the Fence, visit their Bandcamp; news and other information can be found on the band’s Facebook.

Top Tracks: Babe that Boasts, Harlequin Lover

Rating: 8.3/10

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