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A major drawback to the Rye IPAs that we have reviewed in the past has been that they do not provide enough of the rye element to make for something that is significantly different from other IPAs that are on the market. Great Divide is able to create a nuanced and intricate effort in their Showdown that is able to corral two distinct flavors – the grainier rye side and a strong hop presence – into something that is fulfilling from beginning to end. The surprising thing about Showdown is that there is little in the way of an initial nose – one can easily discern a sort of hop oiliness and the aforementioned grain elements when really focusing in.showdown-12-oz-for-web-e1433199542464

Another shocking facet of Showdown is that the beer possesses a high ABV (8.3%) that is wholly obfuscated in the body of the beer. Fruitier elements become the norm as Showdown continues to warm, while the grain side of things fade away. While this is a heady effort, I feel that fans of a wide variety of styles will be able to locate something particularly memorable in this one. The beer would match strongly-flavored meats (pork, BBQ, Indian / Thai dishes) and cheeses (Asiago, gouda) well.

For additional information about the entire product line-up (seasonal and year-round) that Great Divide offers, visit their domain and social networking websites. We have covered previous Great Divide efforts in the past – Espresso Oak Aged Yeti . Old Ruffian, and Orabelle.


Rating: 8.7/10

Showdown Rye IPA / Great Divide Brewing Co / 8.3% ABV / /


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