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Isostasy is a performer and producer located in the eastern Pennsylvania (USA) area that looks to increase the boundaries of the EDM / IDM genres into including something more varied and intimate than what is currently garnering attention.

The Wormhole is Isostasy’s magnum opus, with the three constituent parts taking listeners on a twenty-one minute journey through a wide variety of styles and influences. Whether it be Three 6 Mafia, chill, industrial, wobble, or ambient music, fans of all genre types will be able to find something which they can identify. The composition is able to include approaches that some would see as far afield as jazz and synth-pop without losing its coherency. There is a rich narrative that Isostasy is able to create with this work that will keep listeenrs on the edges of their seats. While there are not lyrics in the traditional sense, Isostasy is able to create chapter after chapter with the composition to create something as dense and detailed as a thick tome.

Just Too Much clocks in at six and a half minutes, but the effort flies by quickly with a quick tempo and a beat that is hammered home. The twists and turns that Isostasy includes during this cut will keep the energy high when played alone or included into a set. A heavy amount of wobble and dubstep elements are included here to ratchet up the momentum considerably and keep fans thirsty for more. Our favorite track has to be Fluctuate. The effort is able to marry together a realistic sort of grittiness with a sparkling soundscape that elicits images of a technological utopia. These elements are guided into fertile fields by the deft hand of Isostasy, who is able to speed up and slow down the composition to keep listeners firmly entranced. The sheer ground that Isostasy covers over his latest discography ensures that fans will be unsure where exactly he will pull a new track from, but that the finished effort will be intelligent, interesting, and dance-floor worthy.


For additional information about Isostasy and for samples of his music, he keeps active on social media and ReverbNation. For those in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, Isostasy will be performing live at the Voltage Lounge on July 16th (421 North 7th Street, with tickets available for $11).

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