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What’s better than playing games with friends? That’s right, playing drinking games with friends. And with your smartphone, you have access to a vast collection of fun drinking games, all playable on your phone. Here is a look at some of the best drinking games and the best phones to play them on:

Never Have I Ever

The Never Have I Ever app has a match mode, reaction mode and party mode and can be played with one to four players. The game asks you and your friends a question, and anyone who has done whatever the app says, presses the button for a point and takes a drink.

Each player has a colored tab on the screen of the phone that he or she must press to mark his or her points. That’s why this game is best played on a larger phone. The iPhone 6s Plus is nearly the size of a small tablet, and with it newly hitting shelves, it’s all the rage. While its main draws are the new phone features, retina display and A9 chip, the larger size of this smartphone makes it perfect for playing Never Have I Ever.

Heads Up

Heads Up is a fun game played between two or more people. Choose from a collection of categories, such as accents, movies and fictional characters. Whoever is up takes the phone and places it on his or her forehead. A word or phrase appears, and the rest of the group must act out or describe it without saying any of the words displayed on the screen. If the person with the phone can’t guess the word, he or she can draw a new card by pointing the phone at the ground for a moment. If he or she gets it right, the phone should be tilted up. The object of the game is to get as many points as you can within 30 seconds. Put a drinking twist on this by accruing drinks for each one you cannot guess.

There is an added twist to make this game even more fun. The phone uses the front camera to video record those who try to describe or act out the phrase presented. For this, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great choice. The 2-megapixel, front-facing camera will catch all the action of your friend’s ridiculousness as the night goes on.

Bomba Drink

Sometimes you just need to play some trivia and give and get some drinks. That’s what Bomba Drink is all about. Bomba Drink pits you against your friends and deals out penalties in drinks to those who don’t have the correct — or any — answer when their turn comes around. It’s a bit like hot potato, as friends pass the phone back and forth as they attempt to answer the questions while consistently drinking.

For this drinking game, you need the most durable phone available. Because of the alcohol and constant switches between players, your phone is likely to be dropped during this game. That’s why the Sonim XP7 is your best bet. This ultra-durable Android device meets the 810G military standards for durability. It includes a large battery, a loud speaker and an 8-megapixel camera. Although these specs aren’t astounding for a top-of-the-line smartphone, a phone that lasts is sometimes the best kind.

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