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Jump Out of the World is the first introduction that listeners will have to London’s Noisemate, and the band is able to create something that bridges the gap between punk, rock, and alt-rock. The insistence of the vocals and spot-on guitars and drums make for a track that is ready for radio rotation. Each side of Noisemate – the lyrics, instrumentation, and production – makes for something that will bounce around listeners’ brains long after the EP has ceased to play.


Something More is a more introspective, emotionally intense composition that has the instrumental arrangements taking a focal part to the composition. The depth of the backdrop which the guitars, bass, and drums establish during Something More further increase the replay value of the track. While the vocals are confident and soar over the track, listeners can hear the earnestness and ability crackling through each side of Noisemate.

Keep Goin’ On is the middle track on One More Round, and it showcases that Noisemate can continually add different sounds and styles to their overall sound. There is a harder rock edge that permeates during this single; this stripped-down style feels more immediate and is more intense than the average effort on this EP.

One More Round takes another bold twist with Never Forget Youth. There is an introspective and brooding sound here that bubbles over into something furious and fun. Noisemate is able to make a twinkling indie-rock composition that may be our favorite on the One More Round EP. Visit their website and social media for the latest in news and information about this up and coming act. The One More Round EP can be purchased on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon.

Top Tracks: Jump Out of the World, Never Forget Youth

Rating: 8.0/10

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