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Death By Coconut is the latest seasonal brew from Oskar Blues, and it provides imbibers with a refreshing update to the porter style. The brewery has tagged this as an “irish porter”, meaning that it has a deep, dark coloration, a thick and fluffy amount of off-white to tannish head, and a set of flavors that are bold and front-forward. Death By Coconut is sweet with a little bit of graininess given it by the inclusion of ample amounts of malt. The presence of coconut staves off more of the bitter elements of the porter style; an individual will pick up hints of chocolate, coffee, and dark fruits.


The luxurious mouthfeel of Death By Coconut makes this into a perfect dessert beer, perfect for washing down fare with a strong set of flavors (roast meats, Indian cuisine, and sharp cheeses). The specific array of flavors that one will experience in a can of Death By Coconut will change as the beer continues to warm to room temperature; the bitter dark chocolate and black coffee present in the first moments gradually yield to a more sweet and toasty effort.

As Death by Coconut is a seasonal offering, one best make it to their local beer store before supplies run low for the year (the beer is available in 4-packs). The effort is available in cans and can be picked up at any local beer stores that stock the brewery’s efforts.  We have reviewed a number of Oskar Blues’ beers in the past;  Pinner IPA is a high-water mark for session IPAs while OB’s IPA will appease with a strong hop presence and balanced approach, while Dale’s Pale Ale refreshes while representing a good midpoint between the two.

Rating: 8.8/10

Death By Coconut / Irish Porter / Oskar Blues / 6.5% ABV / 25 IBU / / / /

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