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Dirty Bastard

One of the smoothest scotch ales we have received, Founders’ Dirty Bastard is a beer that pours with a dark brown to reddish coloration. A good amount of tannish head pours on top, yielding a tremendous amount of lacing as an imbiber continues along their journey.Dirty Bastard

The rich mouthfeel of the beer allows the heavy malt elements of the brew to shine, while hints of spices smoke, cherries, and bitterness all poke through at points. Vanilla and bits of bourbon make their presence felt briefly through this scotch ale, while butterscotch and nutty elements contribute similary to the overall spirit of Dirty Bastard. The beer’s sweetness is moderated nicely by the hop presence (50 IBU), making for a complex and fulfilling experience. Dirty Bastard is the perfect beer to warm up during the early months of winter, with the robust flavor profile and considerable alcohol presence being just what is need to take the chill off of one’s bones. The intense array of tastes means that Dirty Bastard will pair nicely with roasts, pork, lamb, and any sort of cuisine that has a similarly bold palette. The usage of such a large amount of malt means that the overall flavors of the beer remain consistent from beginning to end; while some flavors may increase to prominence or fade into the periphery, Dirty Bastard will be as interesting in its final throes as it was when one first opened the can.

Dirty Bastard is now available in cans (the effort was previously only available in bottles and on tap). For additional information of myriad efforts that Founders releases on a year-round and seasonal basic, visit the brewery’s domain or social media profiles.

Rating: 9.3/10

Dirty Bastard / Founders / 8.5% ABV / 50 IBU / / / /


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