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David Randall “Randy” Blythe is the vocalist and lyricist of the metal band Lamb of God – from my previous readings of his blog and attending 3 Lamb of God concerts it’s hard to believe that this wild growling madman on stage is such an eloquent writer in his stories beyond just song lyrics. Randy writes this book telling of his arrest, incarceration, trial and ultimate acquittal when he was indicted on manslaughter charges related to the 2010 death of a fan who had attended a Lamb of God concert in the Czech Republic. Daniel Nosek, a 19-year-old fan, was pushed off of the stage and ultimately died from hitting his head on the venue’s floor. The authorities in the Czech Republic charged that Blythe had pushed him off the stage and was “morally responsible” for the Daniel’s death.Days Days: A Memoir

More than this being the story Lamb of God fans wanted to hear, this is a near day by day account from Randy’s perspective and memory and is the story that he wanted and needed to tell. It is a compelling read into Randy’s mind and emotions through his incarceration and his interactions with a foreign legal system and those around him in prison. He struggles to figure out if he is even responsible as no one had ever communicated to the band that a fan had been killed resulting from one of their shows, or that the authorities would be waiting for Randy the next time he set foot in the country. Once released on bail and against legal advice, facing the possibility of a 10 year prison sentence Randy did return for trial in the Czech Republic out of his own morals for finding out the truth and to honor the family and the life of this young fan who was tragically killed.

Being a fan of the band and the man, it was such a fascinating read for me, one I had waited to be published. With Randy’s writing style you literally go through every emotion with him as you read how the story unfolds. Even with this tragic story one part I did find funny was in his own description of his unique proficiency as a metal vocalist, Randy says “I’m really good at screaming rhythmically like some sort of terribly wounded, very angry mountain ape, and I can do this night after night without losing my voice”.

Any Lamb of God Fan will certainly enjoy reading this book. \m/

Rating: 9/10

Dark Days: A Memoir / D. Randall Blythe / 496 Pages / Randy Blythe / Da Capo Press

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