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Powder Keg is a unique beer that is created by Bend Oregon’s Worthy Brewing which goes and shatters many of the conceptions that one will have regarding a Winter Ale. While other Winter Ales typically comes forth in a winter warmer format what Worthy has crafted with Powder Keg is immediately level imbibers with a hot burn that goes and keeps one refreshed and warmed from the initial opening of a bottle to the final swallow of the beer. Powder Keg / Worthy Brewing The 65 IBU of Worthy’s Powder Keg will appease fans of India Pale Ales but the depth of flavors that one will experience here are substantial enough to bring in fans of Irish reds, pale ales, and even grainier types of lagers.

The beer pours with a reddish-brown coloration and a fair amount of head that is somewhat slow to dissipate. Hints of citrus and floral hops are dominant at the beginning pulls while malt and grain become dominant in the second half of the beer. This careful dichotomy is enough to make Powder Keg stand out as head and shoulders above other efforts in the Winter Ale style. The sheer amount of twists and turns that one will experience here in Powder Keg is enough to ensure that they can drink a few bottles of the beer without having taste bud burnout.

Check out our Lights Out, Newberry Eruption  and Prefunk reviews for our thoughts about other Worthy efforts The best bet for an individual that wants to find more information about the year round and seasonal offerings from Worthy would be to visit their main website. Further information about new products and events can be gleaned from the brewery’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Rating: 8.2 / 10

Powder Keg (Worthy Brewing) / 7.1% ABV / / / /


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