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Homes can sometimes feel like giant money pits. Every year that passes means new maintenance bills. Mostly the cost is not so bad, but every once in a while, a major repair is required.

The roof is one such project. A quick call to a few Sioux Falls roofing companies will soon tell you that replacing a roof can be expensive. However, it is not always necessary to rip the roof off and start again. If the damage is not too bad, you may be able to get away with a few repairs instead. I hope that this is the case for your roof, but to help you make that decision, here are the main signs you need to invest in a new roof and basic guide to repairing any roof from beginning to end.


1. A Sagging Roof

Stand back and take a good look at the roof. If the center line is sagging like a droopy washing line, you have a problem. This indicates there is an underlying structural common. The supporting timbers in the roof may be rotten or collapsing under the weight of heavy roofing material, or the house’s foundation could be the problem. Either way, you shouldn’t ignore the issue, as it will only get worse.

2. It’s an Old House

Generally speaking, roofs are not designed to last forever. Clearly plenty do last hundreds of years, but the older a roof is, the more likely you are to have problems. Some roofs are long-lasting and materials such as slate or terracotta last for decades, but cheaper materials such as asphalt shingles typically only last 20-30 years. If your asphalt roof is significantly older than this, you are living on borrowed time.

3. Holes in the Roof

From the outside, holes are not always apparent unless they are particularly large, but if you can see light coming in when you head up to the attic, you need to act fast. Small holes can be repaired, but large holes are problematic and it may be more cost effective to start again with a new roof.

4. Loose, Cracked or Missing Roof Materials

Depending on what materials have been used on the roof, you will probably need to replace some as time goes on. Replacing a missing tile or shingle here and there is not a massive job, but if it becomes a weekly task to climb up there and patch the gaps, it is not a good sign.

5. Curling or Cracked Shingles

Shingles look great when they are first installed, but over time, they crack, curl up and fall off. When this happens to one or two, you can replace them, but if entire sections of your roof are curling or cracked, it is a sign of significant weathering. If the only issue is moss or algae, don’t worry because this won’t hurt your roof. In fact, it might add a bit of color to it – after all, a green roof can be quite attractive!

Before replacing a roof, get a few quotes from different contractors. It may not be as expensive as you think.

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