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Amateur Night At City Hall: The Story of Frank Rizzo (DVD)

Frank Rizzo may not be as infamous nationally as Huey Long or Rod Blagojevich, but in Philly, depending on what neighborhood you visit, he was either the city’s savior or the most corrupt politician ever to serve as mayor of Philadelphia. Amateur Night At City Hall, originally released in 1978 does a decent job of trying to remain objective while still managing to accurately cover the rise of Rizzo from beat cop, to police commissioner to mayor of Philadelphia (1972 – to-1980). A hero to the working class, Rizzo was seen as a nightmare to liberals, minorities and civil rights crusaders with his authoritarian, crack some skulls leadership style. Despite the fact that the documentary was released two years before Rizzo left office, there is still plenty of controversies covered in the film.

Amateur Night At City Hall: The Story of Frank Rizzo/75 mins./MVD Visual/ 2016 /


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